[j-nsp] BGP family l2vpn statement

Ihsan Junaidi Ibrahim ihsan at isp.time.net.my
Mon Nov 13 07:31:08 EST 2006

Hi all,
What is the difference between BGP family l2vpn unicast and the family l2vpn
signaling statements? I upgraded to 8.1 and noticed that "unicast" is
deprecated so I switched to "signaling" since from the documentation both
seem to do the same thing ie: enable NLRIs for l2vpn and VPLS. Subsequently
I noticed that bgp.l2vpn.0 is no longer registered on any of the BGP
neighbours. At the moment there are no l2vpn nor vpls customers on board
this PE but I'm curious why it is behaving so. On other routers with 7.0 and
7.1 with the family l2vpn unicast statement, the bgp.l2vpn.0 is always
registered on each peer session although some of them may not have routes
Thank you for your time,
Ihsan Junaidi Ibrahim

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