[j-nsp] SNMP proxy on ERX

Guillet, David (David) dguillet at lucent.com
Wed Nov 15 06:26:14 EST 2006

	I have configured multiple VRs within an ERX and I'm trying to
proxy traps from one VR to VR default which has access to the management
network. I am able tot see traps generated by an event on the default VR
but when an SNMP traps is generated on another VR I can't see it going
to the management network.

	On the default VR I enabled the snmp proxy feature and set the
trapfilter to the same level than all the other VRs and also enable trap
sending for the same categories, I also put the same destination. Is
there any special command to do that on the default VR and on the other
one, I'm I missing anything ? 

	Any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance.


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