[j-nsp] OSPF Shortcuts Problem

Abhishek Verma abhishekv.verma at gmail.com
Sun Nov 26 23:10:33 EST 2006


A -- B -- C -- D -- E

The network that connects C and D is network.

I have an MPLS LSP Tunnel t1 that is setup from A to D.

I am using OSPF and igp-shortcuts on A.

I find that in my FIB that the best route to reach E is via the tunnel
t1. This is ok.

I also find that the best route to reach network is via
tunnel t1. Is *this* okay. I was under the impression that we can use
tunnels to only reach destinations downstream to the tunnel end point,
i.e. routers/networks beyond D (since tunnel t1 end point is D).

Is my FIB entry correct wherein i see tunnel t1 as the next-hop to
reach network


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