[j-nsp] leaking into a VRF from inet.0?

Erdem Sener erdems at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 18:06:40 EDT 2007

Hi Dave,

 Just configure another rib-group on the opposite direction (with
keeping in mind that you need 'direct' routes for next-hop
availability) and you should be fine.

 For example:

routing-options {
 rib-groups {
        Vrf_X-to-inet-default {
            import-rib [ Vrf_X.inet.0 inet.0 ];
            import-policy some-policy-here;
        inet-default-to-Vrf_X {
            import-rib [ inet.0 Vrf_X.inet.0 ];
            import-policy some-other-policy;


On 4/16/07, Dave Diller <dave at maxgigapop.net> wrote:
> In the lab,  I've found that I can get  specific BGP routes into inet.
> 0 from a VRF using rib-groups and auto-export to create a granular
> "leak policy". Works great.
> Is it possible to do the converse - leak selected BGP routes from
> inet.0 into a VRF?  I've had no luck so far.
> -dd
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