[j-nsp] Load balance with 2 adsl pics

Masood Ahmad Shah masood at nexlinx.net.pk
Wed Jul 23 09:39:28 EDT 2008

I guess you have two static routes. If this is the case, as you know first
of all the 2 routes should have the same prefix length (, etc) and Preference. You need to make these preferences equal
either by configuring policy to set the preference/metric value same. 

To enable per-flow load balancing, you must set the load-balance per-packet
action in routing policy configuration. 

policy-statement please-load-balance {
    then {
        load-balance per-packet;

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I have a j router with 2 adsl pics is possible to load balance traffic
between the 2 cards? And if so via Multilink? Or there is some other way to
do so?

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