[j-nsp] Question about E1 interfaces in J2300

Sami Ghourabi sami.ghourabi at online-netsecurity.com
Tue Mar 11 11:44:29 EDT 2008

Hi list,

I'm somewhat new to routing and Juniper Networks routers, so please tolerate
my ignorance.

I have some question about the fixed E1 interfaces in J2300 routers.

1. These interfaces are fractional interfaces supporting G703 and G704
protocols, am I right?
2. What is the connector type of these interfaces? I know that channelized
E1 on Juniper have J48-S connectors, but I'am not sure about fixed
fractional interfaces connector type for J series.
3. Are there E1 dual BNC balanced cables supported by these interfaces? As
far as I know, Juniper doesn't provide this kind of cables. Did anyone used
this kind of cables and which brand would are know to be compatible with
Juniper routers ?

Another question not related to E1 interfaces. Do J routers have any type of
interfaces that can work in synchronous and asynchronous mode, not
simultaneously of course.

Thanks for your reply.

Best regards.


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