[j-nsp] J-Series 1-port SFP ePIM

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Fri Mar 21 14:13:14 EDT 2008

Once upon a time, Peter E. Fry <pfry-lists at redsword.com> said:
>   Which telco?  If you're really connecting to a 6500, it
> doesn't sound like AT&T (or at least the former SBC -- I've
> no experience with AT&T proper or Bellsouth).  Their
> standard is always to disable autoneg (note that I
> personally disagree with this standard, but hey), but
> they're flexible.  I've found a few that, while the settings
> look fine, simply don't work when hard-set.  You never can
> tell where you'll find a limitation, such as half-duplex on
> the 4-port 100BASE-TX ePIM.

Well, I was actually talking about 100BaseTX ports, not SFP ports like
the subject.

However, in my case, it is AT&T (former BellSouth) copper metroE
connections where they use a Canoga box.  They only provision them with
autonegotiation disabled.  We also just got a metroE from Charter Cable
(I don't know what the box is) and they made sure we disabled autoneg
because that's the only way the configure their equipment (which beats
AT&T; we had to find out on our own that they disable autoneg).  IIRC a
Knology Cable metroE was the same way.

These are 10 and 100 meg metroE connections; I don't know what these
companies do for gigE.
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