[j-nsp] J-Series 1-port SFP ePIM

Peter E. Fry pfry-lists at redsword.com
Fri Mar 21 11:06:12 EDT 2008

> In my case, autonegotiation is a problem because I have to
> connect to telco-supplied metro-Ethernet boxes that the
> telco forces to a particular speed/duplex (and then
> disables autonegotiation on their end).  Yes, it sucks,
> but I can only connect to what they provide. -- 

  Which telco?  If you're really connecting to a 6500, it
doesn't sound like AT&T (or at least the former SBC -- I've
no experience with AT&T proper or Bellsouth).  Their
standard is always to disable autoneg (note that I
personally disagree with this standard, but hey), but
they're flexible.  I've found a few that, while the settings
look fine, simply don't work when hard-set.  You never can
tell where you'll find a limitation, such as half-duplex on
the 4-port 100BASE-TX ePIM.
  I'd get all bent out of shape if my provider didn't work
with me.  There are a few situations where I'd draw the line
(e.g. one fellow really wanted to run PPP over his FRATM),
but I'd always test all basic configs and support the ones
that work.

Peter E. Fry

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