[j-nsp] Sandisk Extreme III 1G CF card compatibility

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> > This is an FYI, and a separate issue form Pekka's discovery that
> > these
> > faster cards can hog CPU when being written.
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> > It turns out that some SanDisk Extreme III 1G cards are Juniper
> > friendly, and others are not.  We purchased three at the same time
> > from the same CompUSA.  Of the three, two do not work and the third
> > one is fine. The symptom is that the non-functional ones time out and
> > you can't install anything on them (but 6509's are fine with them, so
> > they'll be redeployed there ;-)
> As a follow-up to this, I've found the Silicon Systems SSD-C01GI-3100
> 1G flash has worked pretty well so far in our lab.  I've not tested in
> production yet, but haven't seen any problems thus far in the lab -
> running two months and counting.

Possibly worth noting is that Juniper seems to only use Silicon Systems
for 1GB CF. At least every 1GB card we have received from Juniper is
Silicon Systems. 

We have a bunch more on order, but we only have a few in hand at this
time, so it the sample may not be statistically valid, especially when
the ones we have were purchased at about the same time.
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