[j-nsp] Sandisk Extreme III 1G CF card compatibility

Dave Diller dave at maxgigapop.net
Mon May 5 14:26:26 EDT 2008

>> As a follow-up to this, I've found the Silicon Systems SSD-C01GI-3100
>> 1G flash has worked pretty well so far in our lab.  I've not tested  
>> in
>> production yet, but haven't seen any problems thus far in the lab -
>> running two months and counting.
> We have a bunch more on order, but we only have a few in hand at this
> time, so it the sample may not be statistically valid, especially when
> the ones we have were purchased at about the same time.

Are you using the same SSD-C01GI-3100?  I've got an RFQ out now to see  
what the leadtimes are...


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