[j-nsp] T-640 management ports

alain.briant at bt.com alain.briant at bt.com
Tue May 6 03:09:54 EDT 2008

Hi German

You must be careful using the Aux port.
The cabling like you've seen is not completely the same as on the console port.

Juniper is providing a crossover cable with some loops in it.
If you are using this kind of cable you will be able to connect a PC on the console port and on the Aux port at the same time.
If you are using some different kind of crossover cable (Cisco console for example), it will work on the console port but not on the Aux one.
So, you will certainly need to adapt some loops in the cabling you are using on you Cisco TS.
For example you will certainly have to loop DTR to DSR and RTS to CTS.

Hope This will help

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According to Juniper' website the CIP card (Control Interface Card) holds the management ports for Routing Engine 0 and Routing Engine 1.
Ports are grouped as Host0 and Host1.


By default, the auxiliary port is disabled.  I enabled the auxiliary port but I am not able to connect to the router using this port.


According to the information above, both ports should work as RS-232 and have identical pinout.

I am trying to access the auxiliary port of my T-640 using a Cisco
2511 through reverse telnet.  My console connection on the same Cisco
2511 towards the same router is working without any problems.

The only difference between the console connection and the aux one is that on the aux connection CTS and DSR are down:

#sh line 2
 Tty Typ     Tx/Rx     A Modem  Roty AccO AccI  Uses    Noise   Overruns
*  2 TTY   9600/9600   - inout     -    -   10    12        0        0/0

Line 2, Location: "xxxxx-re0-aux", Type: ""
Length: 24 lines, Width: 80 columns
Baud rate (TX/RX) is 9600/9600, no parity, 2 stopbits, 8 databits
Status: Ready, Connected, Active
Capabilities: EXEC Suppressed, Modem Callout, Modem RI is CD
  No login banner
Modem state: Ready
Special Chars: Escape  Hold  Stop  Start  Disconnect  Activation
                ^Cx    none   -     -       none
Timeouts:      Idle EXEC    Idle Session   Modem Answer  Session   Dispatch
               00:15:00       00:30:00                       none     not set
Modem type is unknown.
Session limit is not set.
Time since activation: never
Editing is enabled.
History is enabled, history size is 10.
Full user help is disabled
Allowed transports are lat pad v120 telnet mop rlogin nasi.  Preferred is none.
No output characters are padded
No special data dispatching characters
Group codes:    0
Modem hardware state: noCTS noDSR  DTR RTS

Is it possible to have both ports working one at the time?


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