[j-nsp] Which Router

Lee Hetherington lee.hetherington at redtechnology.com
Fri May 16 04:20:07 EDT 2008

So unofficially more than 1Gb is possible?


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On Thursday 15 May 2008, Blake Willis wrote:

>   - Juniper doesn't recommend exceeding 40 BGP peers on the J2320, but

> in real life it all depends on the number of routes/peer and how much 
> you're willing to let control plane processes use the CPU instead of 
> forwarding packets with it. Several folks here seem to be running 
> double that number without incident.  YMMV.

All inclusive, we have found the J2320 to be cheaper than Cisco's 7201
router for route reflector applications (even after purchasing the route
reflection licenses, something I'm not too fond of from Juniper, but

We are looking to use them, as a start, in smaller PoP's where we
probably have only a handful of full routes and quite a number of VPN
NLRI (L2, L3), and only need to use a couple RU's of rack space.

I only wish they (officially) supported more than 1GB of memory.



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