[j-nsp] Ex-series XML API

Ross Vandegrift ross at kallisti.us
Wed Nov 19 11:54:37 EST 2008

Hi everyone,

Has anyone found docuemntation on the XML API for EX-series JUNOS?
The JUNOS for EX webpage is completely different than the for M/MX/T
series, and seems to be missing lots of important goodies.

While most of the things from the M/MX/T JUNOS API work fine, there's
nothing on any EX specific tasks.  Makes it hard to develop apps for
the EX.

Though this might explain why NSM can't actually manage my EX switches,
and I just get error message that invalid XML requests were received
via NETCONF...

Ross Vandegrift
ross at kallisti.us

"If the fight gets hot, the songs get hotter.  If the going gets tough,
the songs get tougher."
	--Woody Guthrie

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