[j-nsp] MPLS Question

William Jackson wjackson at sapphire.gi
Mon Apr 27 11:00:41 EDT 2009



Just dipping my feet into the world of MPLS and have some quick



On my ingress router I am setting up some RSVP label paths with strict
ERO's, I add the fast reroute option and the adaptive option.  So that
the primary and secondary paths are already up.

On my transit nodes I add the RSVP link-protection command to the
relevant interfaces.



On my ingress node I also see options for node-link-protection and
link-protection under the label-switched-path section, are these all
needed on the ingress node to get fast-reroute working


I am getting a single ping packet lost when I pull a cable out was
wondering if there was a way to get even faster path swap over?

Do I have to tweak any timers or something?



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