[j-nsp] forwarding class nd loss priority

Andrew Jimmy good1 at live.com
Thu Apr 30 10:57:31 EDT 2009

Forwarding class and loss priority is some of the confusing stuff in JUNOS
world. Can someone write about loss priority/scheduler maps in detail along
with a example. Like what if you are running MPLS VPN and you want to keep
priorities voice traffic (if you want to avoid jitter for the sip call)
weather the congestion is happening or not. How do you do it practically.



fill-level 0 drop-probability 0;

fill-level 25 drop-probability 100;


Is this good to have on Gig interface for Voice traffic.


transmit-rate percent 20 exact;

buffer-size percent 20;

priority high;

drop-profile-map loss-priority any protocol any drop-profile voice-profile;


I will highly appreciate if someone can dig into this along with


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