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Nilesh Khambal nkhambal at juniper.net
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An indirect nexthop is the one that resolves over another nexthop.

You see this with multihop BGP session where a route's protocol nexthop resolves over another route (either via static or learnt via IGP).


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Hi all:

what is "indirect route"? i have route received from a route reflector and it is marked as "Indirect":

lab-l3vpn.inet.0: 17 destinations, 25 routes (17 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)
+ = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both     *[BGP/170] 00:02:12, localpref 100, from
                      AS path: I

here is the RR.

here are the details:

1025-l3vpn.inet.0: 17 destinations, 25 routes (17 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden) (1 entry, 1 announced)
KRT in-kernel -> {indirect(262154)}
Page 0 idx 0 Type 1 val 8a29b10
        *BGP    Preference: 170/-101
                Route Distinguisher:
                Next hop type: Indirect
                Next-hop reference count: 4
                Next hop type: Discard
                Protocol next hop:
                Push 100032
                Indirect next hop: 8a34750 262154
                State: <Secondary Active Int Ext>
                Local AS: 65412 Peer AS: 65412
                Age: 17:28      Metric2: 0 
                Task: BGP_65412.
                Announcement bits (3): 0-KRT 1-BGP RT Background 2-Resolve tree 3 
                AS path: I
                VPN Label: 100032
                Localpref: 100
                Router ID:
                Primary Routing Table bgp.l3vpn.0
                Indirect next hops: 1
                        Protocol next hop: Metric: 0
                        Push 100032
                        Indirect next hop: 8a34750 262154
                        Indirect path forwarding next hops: 0
                                Next hop type: Discard
               Originating RIB: inet.3
                          Metric: 0                       Node path count: 1
                          Forwarding nexthops: 0
                                Next hop type: Discard

looked through "operation" manual and didn't find any explanation of the information.

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