[j-nsp] Crashing rpd on 8.5R4.3 on Backup RE (M20)

Callum Barr cbarr at wxc.co.nz
Sun Jan 4 14:32:08 EST 2009

Just out of Interest - how much RAM do you have in your SSB's?  I had the same problem trying to run NSR on our M20's with not enough RAM. 


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I agree with Jon. It would be better if you can open this case to Jtac.
They can help you identify and found which problem on your
router, especially when the problem had occurred many times or you can
reproduce it on your router.

IMHO, sounds like its a bug.
Btw, do you have multicast and aggregate interface configuration?


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> You should probably open a JTAC case and upload the core file.  They should
> be able to use that to research the problem.
> -Jon
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