[j-nsp] J2320/2350

Tommy Perniciaro TPerniciaro at accuvant.com
Wed Jan 7 12:08:42 EST 2009

I would reccomend learning default routes on that 2320. I had same setup and ran into performance issues. Learn default routes and local pref one higher then the other.

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Hello All,

I'm planning to to deploy J-2320 routers in a hosting farm facing two
I would like to receive full internet routing table from both ISPs.
in terms of forwarding capacity they seem to have more what I need,
but when looking at the number of BGP routes they seem to be limited
to 300K routes, which is less than 2 X full routes.
OFC I'll take them with the maximum memory configuration - 1Gig.

Does anybody on this list have any experience with these routers in
such scenario?



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