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Marcus Marinelli marcus at gangusinternet.com
Wed Jan 7 13:41:00 EST 2009

The J2320s will take 2gb RAM no problem. If you go through the release
notes, somewhere in the 9.0 or 9.1 time-frame, they are listed with a new
max of 2gb. If you don't want to pay an arm and a leg, qty. four of Crucial
part number CT6464Z40B ($18 per 512mb stick) works great.
The PDF sheets on juniper.net that quote 1GB max are just out-dated. So are
some of the sales guys.. but JTAC seems to know this is a supported

I had two 2320s in the lab, one with 1gb and one with 2gb. Giving them each
three full feeds, the 1gb router started choking if I brought the session up
and down a few times [quickly] from the other side. It didn't seem to want
to settle after that - console log showed complaints about losing routes. If
I rebooted it, it would come back up again, but that behavior didn't make me
very comfortable.

With 2gb RAM, I haven't had any problem taking 3 full tables and internal
routes. There was a thread on J-NSP a while ago with a bunch of people
running various J-series boxes and upwards of 90+ peers (not full tables
obviously) - I've linked to it at the bottom.

As far as I can tell, the 256k (according to the spec sheet on juniper.net)
FIB route limit is not enforced or "a problem" either. I had a SE check into
max FIB routes versus RIB routes (e.g., the number of active routes in the
forwarding database ~= 1 full table, versus the total number of all active /
inactive routes ~= N full tables where N is the number of peers you have),
and at least that particular SE claimed the J2320s can take ~750k RIB
entries and 2350+ can take upwards of 1 million. This was according to some
informal testing they did, so I wouldn't hold them to it, but the point
being here is AFAIK you won't run into any artificial limits where the box
counts 256k+1 routes in the FIB and starts complaining.

See also:
And this thread:


On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 9:08 AM, Tommy Perniciaro
<TPerniciaro at accuvant.com>wrote:

> I would reccomend learning default routes on that 2320. I had same setup
> and ran into performance issues. Learn default routes and local pref one
> higher then the other.
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> Hello All,
> I'm planning to to deploy J-2320 routers in a hosting farm facing two
> ISPs.
> I would like to receive full internet routing table from both ISPs.
> in terms of forwarding capacity they seem to have more what I need,
> but when looking at the number of BGP routes they seem to be limited
> to 300K routes, which is less than 2 X full routes.
> OFC I'll take them with the maximum memory configuration - 1Gig.
> Does anybody on this list have any experience with these routers in
> such scenario?
> Cheers,
> Amos
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