[j-nsp] l2circuit in vrf

Marcus Eide marcus at conf.se
Thu Jan 8 05:11:30 EST 2009

I don't know if this is even possible, but I thought I'd ask you: Does
anyone know if it's possible to connect an l2circuit to an vrf type

I found some information that stated this could be done with logical tunnel
interfaces, so I tried the following:

interface lt-1/2/0 {
    unit 0 {
        encapsulation ethernet-ccc;
        peer-unit 1;
        family ccc;
    unit 1 {
        encapsulation ethernet;
        peer-unit 0;
        family inet {

protocol l2circuit {
    neighbor {
        interface lt-1/2/0.0 {
            virtual-circuit-id 7777;

routing-instance VRF1003 {
    instance-type vrf;
    interface lo0.1003;
    interface lt-1/2/0.1003;
    route-distinguisher 65000:1003;
    vrf-target target:65000:1003;

The l2circuit shows up, but there's no traffic coming through.

Any thoughts on the subject is appreciated.


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