[j-nsp] DHCP Proxy client on E320

stammb stam_mb at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 6 06:07:33 EDT 2009

Hi everybody. 


Anybody tried a "DHCP Proxy client" function on E320 series?

I have two E320, acting as BRAS in our network. IP address allocation is made with local ip pools stored on each of E320 (ip local pool 1 

and with added ip route (ip route null0) for advertising purposes. 

PPPoE discovery packets are distributed to booth E320 boxes.  If one of two Boxes (E320) fail, the PPPoE discovery packets are switched (aggregation network before Bras boxes) to another box. 

And we have manually to move all ip local pools from firs to second box. 


Now I like to try a functionality of a DHCP Proxy client. By Juniper "DHCP proxy client support enables the router to obtain an ip address from external DHCP server for a remote PPP client.

Wit this functionality I solve a problem with local stored ip pools, the pool will be stored on external DHCP server. BRAS act like a DHCP proxy client".


How do I separate ip pools on dhcp server? One ip pool for BRAS one and another for BRAS two, or rather one big ip pool for both. 

How to make a migration of  ip pools in case of failure one of BRAS?

What it's with ip address advertising in this case on each of E320? 

How do I solve this?

Any ideas?

I know many questions and no answers. Still thanks for any help.



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