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masood at nexlinx.net.pk masood at nexlinx.net.pk
Thu Jul 16 09:21:20 EDT 2009

"because Juniper cannot run LDP and RSVP side by side" who said this?

Please don't tell to our juniper routers; might stop doing that :)

Yea, you configure LDP talking to the existing Cisco's and then
implementing RSVP afterwords on the Juniper. you can deploy rsvp only on
per link basis between all routers in the mpls core. This will allow the
fast rerouting of traffic around a failure of link or node in the core
while also minimizing the amount of configuration required, thn you can
consider one-hop RSVP LSPs as well.



> Currently we have a small network of 3 Cisco 7206 routers running MPLS
> using
> LDP as the distribution protocol and we are replacing them with Juniper
> MXseries routers. In designing and planning the replacement of this
> network
> I've been told that I should go ahead and configure the network (Including
> the Cisco's) with RSVP as the label distribution protocol because Juniper
> cannot run LDP and RSVP side by side. Since the routers are being replaced
> over a couple of weeks (they are geographically separated) I would prefer
> to
> bring everything up with LDP talking to the existing Cisco's and the
> Implementing RSVP afterwords on the Juniper. Does this sound like a good
> plan or do I need to implement RSVP when the first MX goes into place?
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