[j-nsp] EX Feedback

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Thu Jul 23 13:26:23 EDT 2009

Hi folks...

I'm looking for feedback on EX3200 and EX4200 switches ... we are slowly
starting to replace a few Cisco switches with Juniper EX series over time...

My question is specific to a low traffic server farm deployment.  To
clarify, the traffic levels are roughly 600-800Mb/s local switched traffic
with only 100-200Mb/s of traffic actually going layer3 to next hop router.
Entire farm is currently made up of only 2 VLAN's which primarily do not
talk to one another much.

Considering the idea of 5 48 port EX4200 switches with 10GE uplinks in a
"ring" type setup or use the 5m cables on the back to do the same and save
the 10GE ports on the front.  The two end switches would have GigE
connections going to our distribution layer switches (Cat6500's).

Anyone doing something like this today and could share their opinions on
performance, stability etc?

Do these switches have any problems handling 100-200Mb/s of layer3 traffic
while participating in OSPF?

Many thanks,


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