[j-nsp] ERX 1400 & DPFE Card

Terje Krogdahl terje at krogdahl.net
Fri Jul 24 09:50:24 EDT 2009

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 07:17:52AM -0400, Truman Boyes wrote:

> Wow that is old; I remember when 2.X came out for JUNOSe (UNISON as  
> the time). 

Unisphere, actually. Although, the box still identified itself as
a Redstone at the time :)

> straight through ribbon cable or even a regular ethernet cable on the  
> diag port if you remove a faceplate next to the line card) ...

The procedure of running with a faceplate removed has been described
as turning the ERX into a very expensive vacuum cleaner by my
favourite Unisphere SE :)

> If this is not the issue, you still will find more information that  
> will lead you down the right path if you console the card. Also, it  
> will certainly be good if you can upgrade the memory to at least 128MB.

You'll also have to reset to factory defaults if starting with a
version prior to 4.0.0. See the release notes:


Have a nice weekend!

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