[j-nsp] anyone need M40E PICs/FPCs?

Dave Diller dave at maxgigapop.net
Tue Jul 28 09:38:47 EDT 2009

(I'm not sure if this is considered appropriate on this list or not,  
apologies if not, but I figured more-or-less free gear would be more- 
or-less ok ;-)

I've got a pair of non-EP FPC1, along with assorted 1-port old-school  
GIGE (1 SX, 1 LX, 1 LX-B, 1 LH), 1 4xOC3-IR and 1 tunnel card from  
M40e lying around that I'd like out of the lab.  Anyone need gear for  
theirs?  They have no resale value at this point so you can have them  
for shipping cost just so I don't have to move them at the end of the  
year.  But I need to know ASAP if you're interested because the  
chassis are being picked up tomorrow, and if no one wants the cards  
they're simply going out with those to get them out of my hair.

I've also got four PB-1OC48-SON-SMSR and a pair of non-EP FPC2 that  
need to leave if anyone has a use for them.  I assume these still have  
at least a modicum of value and usefulness, so make a lowball offer  
and they're yours.  I want 'em gone!


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