[j-nsp] JunOS 9.4R1.8 - Memory Leak?

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Thu Mar 5 12:01:30 EST 2009

On Thursday 05 March 2009 07:38:21 pm Johannes Resch wrote:

> we experienced a similar problem on various gear (MX/M/T)
> with 9.4R1.8.

We've been pulling our hair out of our heads trying to 
figure out what could be causing the leak :-).

We have a case open with JTAC, but they have us trending 
memory usage over a number of days, it's running slow. 
Refreshing to hear someone else has seen this in the field.

> symptoms are either rpd crashing with
> malloc failure, or rpd getting stuck with 100% CPU load.

We haven't gotten this far, although we've seen an average 
increase of CPU usage by at least 3% daily on M7i's running 
with 1.5GB of DRAM on RE-850's.

We're quite surprised Juniper could have missed this, if it 
is indeed a bug, as we are easily seeing this issue on a 
new, fully-configured box not plugged into the network, just 
running some burn tests - and memory usage creeps up slowly, 
day by day.

Not loving 9.4R1.8 so far...

> from the information we got so far, it seems to be
> related to IS-IS.

Which is our IGP.

> if you've got JTAC involved, you might
> want to have your case cross-checked with PR428557 and
> PR424317.

Trying to search these up isn't turning up anything. Are 
they public?


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