[j-nsp] different default for different vlans

Nilesh Khambal nkhambal at juniper.net
Mon Mar 23 14:06:30 EDT 2009


Sorry, but I am not familiar with EX CLI. I presumed it would be same as 
  any other M/T/MX CLI. Please feel free to check with JTAC on this.

However, I still think you can achieve what you want using policy based 
routing. In ingress filter (Layer3) on your LAN interface will forward 
all the traffic from local VLAN to a routing-instance (OR LR or VR) 
which hosts interface to your proxy server. This routing-instance will 
also have other Layer3 interfaces on this EX (protocol direct) via route 
redistribution using rib-groups. This way if the traffic is for one of 
the locally attached subnet, it will be routed locally using the 
redistributed direct routes, else it will be routed out using the 
default route via proxy.


Cord MacLeod wrote:
> I wish it were.  This is all traffic except for local traffic.  Any  
> explanation for why the ex4200 doesn't have the except keyword?
> On Mar 20, 2009, at 6:55 PM, Nilesh Khambal wrote:
>> Are using proxy just for http and https? Is so, then can you be  
>> specific in the filters with protocol and ports. You can add a  
>> default accept at the end of the filter to accept all other traffic  
>> that does not match http or https. Traffic accepted by default  
>> accept will get routed using inet.0 routing table.
>> This way you don't have to use "except" in filter terms.
>> Thanks,
>> Nilesh
>> Cord MacLeod wrote:
>>> That would be great, and I thought of it just after I sent the  
>>> email.   There's one big thing I'm missing though... except.
>>> From an m7:
>>> Possible completions:
>>>   <[Enter]>            Execute this command
>>>   except               Match address not in this prefix
>>> From an ex4200:
>>>   <[Enter]>            Execute this command
>>> In other words, all of my traffic would hit this proxy and it  
>>> would  break routing between the vlans if I use policy based  
>>> routing and  can't use except.
>>> On Mar 20, 2009, at 6:37 PM, Nilesh Khambal wrote:
>>>> Can you try policy based routing using input firewall filter on  
>>>> EX?  This was you can redirect the traffic to another forwarding- 
>>>> instance  where your proxy resides. You will also have to take  
>>>> care of reverse  routing from the proxy forwarding instance back  
>>>> to inet.0 on EX so  that return traffic can go back to client VLANs.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Nilesh.
>>>> Cord MacLeod wrote:
>>>>> I feel silly for asking this, but apparently my brain isn't   
>>>>> working  today.
>>>>> I've got some machines in a public vlan, 100 and some RFC 1918    
>>>>> machines on another vlan, 120.  I redistribute in ospf   
>>>>> through  my network down to these EX4200's that the machines are   
>>>>> hanging off  of.  Is there a way for my RFC 1918 machines to   
>>>>> default to different  next hop (proxy machine) when not  
>>>>> attempting  to route between vlans so  they can hit outside.  The  
>>>>> way we do it  now is changing the default  gateway on the  
>>>>> machines.  I'd like to  perform this automatically on  the  
>>>>> ex4200s if possible.
>>>>> Any ideas?
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