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Mon May 4 17:06:03 EDT 2009

2009/5/4 The Dark One <thedarkone at list.ru>:
> Experts,
> I can find the example at this URL:
> http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junos/junos95/mx-solutions-guide/frameset.html
> using encapsulation flexible-ethernet-services
> but I can not find any explanation for what 'flexible-ethernet-services' really is and does....

It allows you to use multiple ethernet encapsulation types on a single port.

> Any pointer?

I am not sure if I should be releasing this information to the dark
side... aw, what the heck:

"flexible-ethernet-services--For Gigabit Ethernet IQ interfaces and
Gigabit Ethernet PICs with small form-factor pluggable transceivers
(SFPs) only, use flexible Ethernet services encapsulation when you
want to configure multiple per-unit Ethernet encapsulations. This
encapsulation type allows you to configure any combination of route,
TCC, CCC, Layer 2 VPNs, and VPLS encapsulations on a single physical
port. Aggregated Ethernet bundles cannot use this encapsulation type.
If you configure flexible Ethernet services encapsulation on the
physical interface, VLAN IDs from 1 through 511 are no longer reserved
for normal VLANs."

A little info here too:

Hope that answers your question The.

> Thanks,
> The DarkOne
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