[j-nsp] OSPF stuck in Exchange state!

Asad Ul-Islam asad747 at cyber.net.pk
Tue May 19 00:28:46 EDT 2009

Dear friends!


I have 2 Juniper Routers connected via E1 Interface and running OSPF on
them. However OSPF is stuck in Exchange state. I have verified that MTU is
same on both ends. Physical Media is absolutely fine and error free, yet its
stuck in Exchange state.  One of these router has connectivity to 3rd
juniper router over similar E1 media and its working fine.


I have tried enabling trace options but no meaningful errors, manually
entered MTUs, changed Ips but nothing seems to work.  Both routers can ping
each other on same E1 Media but not forming neighbourship.


Any ideas what could be wrong here?? And how can I further investigate the



Regards ,



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