[j-nsp] Layer 3 VPNS used for customer MPLS domains

Truman Boyes truman at suspicious.org
Tue May 19 21:04:45 EDT 2009


A couple comments:

A L3VPN customer could use MPLS over GRE from their CE devices. The SP  
would play no part in the MPLS.
A prerequisite for signaling across the SP would be for routing  
information in the core to be exposed (ie. typically joining the core  
network's IGP), and this would not be directly possible. There are  
ways to make the routes available from master's inet.0 into the VRF  
but this would be involved.

You can do a few things to offer MPLS to customers.
Have customers do MPLS over GRE
Service Provider creates VPLS domain and lets CE's do their own MPLS  
Implement Carrier of Carrier (CoC)
Implement Interprovider VPN

See: https://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junos/junos91/swconfig-vpns/interprovider-and-carrier-of-carriers.html 

Carrier of Carrier / Interprovider VPNS are designed to address a  
scaling issue; so I would say that they scale pretty well. CoC will  
not require the customers' customer routes to be installed into their  

Kind regards,

On 20/05/2009, at 8:37 AM, Bourgeois, Jake (Jake) wrote:

> Hello,
> Can juniper provisioned Layer3 VPNS be used by its customers to create
> their own VPLS or E-Pipe from their CPE to other CPE's (assume OSPF
> CE-PE)?
> I see MSO's (Multi-Service Operators in case this is not as common a
> term as I think)  use the vendor I work for to offer Ethernet services
> via VPLS and e-pipes all the time, since these are Ethernet based the
> MSO is unaware of the traffic type within the payload so could be
> several types including MPLS labels.  How about if the MSO were say a
> t640 and supplying an l3vpn?
> I have heard of possible extension of LDP into an l3vpn but I am not
> sure how that works or of it is true, and if RSVP is supported also.
> Does anyone have any document explaining how this works?
> How about scaling limitations if in fact it works, but causes the  
> number
> of VRF's to be limited etc.  I know scaling isn't handed out freely,  
> but
> hey I am trying to leverage a juniper core, not replace it :)
> Thanks and Regards,
> Jake
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