[j-nsp] Juniper EX AE Bundle with LACP active

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When you configure Active LACP the switch will send out and receive LACP request, it will "actively" look for peers to set up port channels with. Passive LACP will wait for a request to come in before setting up the port channel.

LACP's main purpose is to verify all the member links are set up the same (speed/duplex etc). If Junos is similar to IOS, disabled means that no protocol is used in setting up the bundle (the equivalent of ON) so the member link configs are not verified.

You don't need LACP to set up an AE bundle. I like to use it when I don't control one of the sides, but if I control both sides of the link I usually don't use it.


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> When you say "disabled" LACP does that mean make both sides passive?
> Or one side active and the other side passive?
> I tryed searching the docs, but all i got out of it was that if both
> sides are set to passive the link will not automatically come up. What
> exactly does that mean? And how would i bring it up.
not configuring anything with regards to lacp worked for us ;)

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