[j-nsp] Upstream Traffic Manipulation Question

Walaa Abdel razzak walaaez at bmc.com.sa
Sun Oct 4 09:28:38 EDT 2009

Hi Experts

I need your suggestions for the best design for the following scenario: it's a customer has a public AS and MPLS network, connected to upstream provider through two links in two differnt POP's. The customer receives the default route and few prefixes only from the provider from both POP's. The key here is that the customer needs certain subnets to follow the default route coming from POP1 in the upstream, the downstream must be through the same POP1. Other subnets should follow the default route coming from POP2 in the upstream, the downstream must also be through the same POP2. My question here is not in the downstream as it's easy to adjust through BGP attributes and prefix length, but it's in the upstream direction to the internet. how I can gaurantee that certain prefixes follows the default route through one POP will be back from the same POP? I was thinking about splitting customer traffic into two VRF's and inject default routes with different prefernces. do you think it's the best or you have another susggestion? The customer has no other provider.

Best Regards,
Walaa Abdel Razzak

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