[j-nsp] Upstream Traffic Manipulation Question

Walaa Abdel razzak walaaez at bmc.com.sa
Mon Oct 5 10:34:10 EDT 2009

Hi Guys

Yes, what stefan says is exactly my target. modifying any parametere globally will affect all traffic follow. We need only certain subnets to follow defult route from POP1 for example, other subnets to follow other default route from POP2.

We are thinking now to have a policy on all PE routers that will follow POP1. This policy will raise the local preference for all routes coming from POP1 and configure a policy on all PE routers that will follow POP2 to do the same for POP2. I'd like to hear your feed back about this design.

Best Regards,
Walaa Abdel Razzak

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> Maybe I am being too basic, but if both remote POPs are from the same
> ISP, maybe they have communities you can add to set their localpref?
> What about MED on BGP?

I'm sure he could communities with his upstream provider to influence MED
advertisements, or used local-pref internally, but this would have the
effect of *all* traffic to those destinations following the same path.  I
think what the OP was wanting to do was have certain internal subnets follow
one path outbound, and other internal subnets follow another.  Hence the
requirement for source-based routing.

Stefan Fouant

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