[j-nsp] No Reflector-Client Command Supporte

a.r.isnaini.rangkayo.st risnaini at netsoft.net.id
Wed Oct 7 01:30:22 EDT 2009


I'm trying to simply re-advertise some prefixes in a 3 iBGP speakers 
serial topology.
Second router [in the middle] should set both 1rst & 3rd routers as 
reflector client.
Does the process just simply add this command in second router ?.

If so then, I didn't see that my engine supports this command.
Or I missed another pre-step to have this command to appear.

Thanks in Advance
a. rahman isnaini r.sutan

# set neighbor ?
Possible completions:
   <[Enter]>            Execute this command
   advertise-inactive   Advertise inactive routes
   advertise-peer-as    Advertise routes received from the same 
autonomous system
+ apply-groups         Groups from which to inherit configuration data
+ apply-groups-except  Don't inherit configuration data from these groups
   as-override          Replace neighbor AS number with our AS number
   authentication-key   MD5 authentication key
   cluster              Cluster identifier
   damping              Enable route flap damping
   description          Text description
+ export               Export policy
 > family               Protocol family for NLRIs in updates
 > graceful-restart     BGP graceful restart options
   hold-time            Hold time used when negotiating with a peer 
+ import               Import policy
   include-mp-next-hop  Include NEXT-HOP attribute in multiprotocol updates
   ipsec-sa             IPSec SA name
   keep                 How to retain routes in the routing table
   local-address        Address of local end of BGP session
 > local-as             Local autonomous system number
   local-interface      Local interface for IPv6 link local EBGP peering
   local-preference     Value of LOCAL_PREF path attribute
   log-updown           Log a message for peer state transitions
 > metric-out           Route metric sent in MED
   mtu-discovery        Enable TCP path MTU discovery
 > multihop             Configure an EBGP multihop session
   multipath            Allow load sharing among multiple BGP paths
   no-advertise-peer-as  Don't advertise routes received from the same 
autonomous system
   no-aggregator-id     Set router ID in aggregator path attribute to 0
   no-client-reflect    Disable intracluster route redistribution
   out-delay            How long before exporting routes from routing table
   passive              Do not send open messages to a peer
   peer-as              Peer autonomous system number (1..65535)
   preference           Preference value
   remove-private       Remove well-known private AS numbers
 > traceoptions         Trace options for BGP
   vpn-apply-export     Apply BGP export policy when exporting VPN routes
   |                    Pipe through a command

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