[j-nsp] MVPN Interoperability Issue

Harry Reynolds harry at juniper.net
Fri Oct 16 16:19:48 EDT 2009

No. Each mvpn instance needs a unique p-group address, which results in a mt encap/decap for that mvpn's default tree. In a rosen7 with 3 pes, you have one outgoing and two incoming mdts at a minimum. If desired you can then have usage driven data mdts, but that increases tunnel count at the benefit of sparing Pes that have no interested receivers.

IIRC, we support something like 1023 mdts per TP. Not sure that we have the ability yet to scale with multiple tps.



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	Actually it is possible to support BGP-MVPNs over a non-P2MP capable
	core by using GRE tunnels.  Each PE would require a Tunnel PIC to
	support both the GRE requirement and the vt interface must be used in
	the routing instance - however if you are using MXs then it is built
	in already on the DPCs.  If Inclusive trees are used, then P2MP
	branches are built statically, but automatic trees can be built if
	using a Selective tree.

In the GRE approach, do we have the ability to aggregate multiple MVPNs into a single Inter-PE GRE tunnel?
Stefan Fouant

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