[j-nsp] MVPN Interoperability Issue

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Oct 19 10:43:16 EDT 2009

Harry Reynolds wrote:
> For draft rosen I would suggest gre rather than mpls p-2-mp. Not sure
> that latter is even supported.
> There are a few other interop notes, but depends on if you plan
> rosen6 or rosen7.
> In either case, you need to have a lo0.x with the same ip as the main
> instance lo0 in each mvpn vrf. This is addresses with 10.0R2 rli
> 11113, but until then, this is how it is.

Useful to know, though we've found the "duplicate" lo0.x to be trouble-free.

> For rosen7 you need ios that supports the inet-mdt bgp family, and
> you must ensure those routes are tagged with the extended RT comm.
> This too is addressed in 10.0R2, with rli 11114.

That's interesting. So, 10.0R2 will inter-op with e.g. 12.2(33)S IOS 
using SSM groups in the P-space e.g. on the cisco:

ip vrf XXX
  rd y:1
  route-target export y:1
  route-target import y:1
  mdt default
  mdt data threshold 256

router bgp XXXX
  address-family ipv4 mdt
    neighbor a.b.c.d activate
  address-family vpnv4
    neighbor a.b.c.d activate

Previously this didn't work because the junipers & cisco have no 
mutually-compatible way of discovering the SSM data MDTs. It works fine 
with ASM in the P-space.

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