[j-nsp] BGP policy-options policy-statement

Onam Rubio onamrubio at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 21 03:51:38 EDT 2009

Hi experts,

I have an issue, I reject my private prefix-list but my BGP policy keep sending my private prefix-list. 

I made the following configuration.

show configuration policy-options policy-statement OutBound-BGP-Routes-to-xxxxx

term No-Advertise {
    from {
        prefix-list Bogus-Networks;
    then reject;
term Default {
    then accept;

onam at Metis# show policy-options 
prefix-list Bogus-Networks {;;;;;

onam at Metis# show protocols bgp group xxxxx
type external;
local-address x-x-x-x;
import Inbound-bgp-PRONTO;
family inet {
export OutBound-BGP-Routes-to-xxxxx;
peer-as 28088;
neighbor x-x-x-x;

onam at Metis# 

**I chance the configuration and delete the term Default and my BGP policy stop sending the private prefix-list

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