[j-nsp] CLI/OP Script Interaction

Judah Scott judah.scott.iam at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 21:31:11 EDT 2009

I am just starting to look into the scripting abilities of the JUNOS
software and am wondering just in general how it interacts with the
configuration performed through CLI.  I have some general questions such as:

When a configuration change happens simultaneously as an admin is building a
candidate config to be commited...

Do the scripting changes get incorporated into this candidate config or are
they commited through another channel?

Does the user editing the config see the changes being added to his config
changes or are the scripting changes applied in the background to the
running config?

Does the 'config exclusive' mode block the script?

Does config private/dynamic affect this behavior?

Thanks in advance!
-J Scott

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