[j-nsp] CLI/OP Script Interaction

Nilesh Khambal nkhambal at juniper.net
Thu Oct 22 21:50:16 EDT 2009

I think you should be looking for commit-script for your requirements. I
don't think JUNOS can validate the configuration as they are being entered.
It can only perform the built-in CLI validity checks. Commit-script has the
ability to validate your candidate configuration at commit time against the
rules you define in the script. It can either add/fix your broken
configuration by adding the missing configuration or fail your commit with
an error or give you a commit time warning if the configuration being
committed does not meet the standard you define in commit-script.

AFAIK, OP scripts are mainly used for simplifying or automating some cli
operations to show you the customized outputs or do some other customized
tasks. It is generally not a good practice to perform configuration
changes/commits using OP scripts.

I am not a script expert. So I would defer it to the experts on the list.


On 10/22/09 6:31 PM, "Judah Scott" <judah.scott.iam at gmail.com> wrote:

> I am just starting to look into the scripting abilities of the JUNOS
> software and am wondering just in general how it interacts with the
> configuration performed through CLI.  I have some general questions such as:
> When a configuration change happens simultaneously as an admin is building a
> candidate config to be commited...
> Do the scripting changes get incorporated into this candidate config or are
> they commited through another channel?
> Does the user editing the config see the changes being added to his config
> changes or are the scripting changes applied in the background to the
> running config?
> Does the 'config exclusive' mode block the script?
> Does config private/dynamic affect this behavior?
> Thanks in advance!
> -J Scott
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