[j-nsp] optimized switchover

David Ball davidtball at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 19:37:50 EDT 2009

  There are likely several answers to that, all dependant on your
topology and protocol use. But, a good place to start would be BFD
(bidirectional forwarding detection).  Juniper has decent support for
it working with other protocols (OSPF, ISIS, BGP, RIP), notifying them
that something may be wrong, allowing them to then make a decision
(support may differ from protocol to protocol).  That may be a good
start point.


David B

2009/9/6 Matthias Gelbhardt <matthias at commy.de>:
> Hi!
> I wonder what the best practices for optimized switchovers would be? I mean
> fast comprehension of failed BGP connections? A fibre cut or something like
> that, how can I be sure, that my routers are detecting the failed session as
> soon as possible? What would be the best practices fpr that?
> Regards,
> Matthias
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