[j-nsp] RPM for performance monitoring?

Nalkhande Tarique Abbas ntarique at juniper.net
Mon Sep 14 12:09:35 EDT 2009

I think the key differentiator here would be the RPM timestamps for
which you have two versions viz RE based timestamps or Hardware

The RE based version keeps timestamps in memory when packets are sent
and received.  This is not very accurate due to the delay added by PFE
to RE transit and waiting for CPU time. The desired accuracy for ICMP
Echo probes is on the order of that seen via the CLI 'ping' command

On the other side MS-PIC based time stamps provide the best performance
and accuracy since we have dedicated resources for time stamping.

Thanks & Regards,
Tarique A. Nalkhande

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I'm interested in gauging performance metrics between nodes (basically
looking for minimum, maximum, and average latency) and was wondering if
might be a suitable utility for measuring such performance.  Before I
an exhaustive look at this in the lab, I'd like to hear your
Ideally, I'd like to push out an SNMP trap in the event the latency
a certain threshold, but at a bare minimum I'll need to be able to look
this data in a historical context.

Any thoughts?

Stefan Fouant
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