[j-nsp] Netflow sampling broken in 9.6R1.13 ?

Alfred Schweder alf at all.de
Mon Sep 14 12:15:15 EDT 2009


Till 9.5R2.7 the following is working well:
sampling {
    input ...
    output {
        aggregate-export-interval 90;
        flow-inactive-timeout 15;
        flow-active-timeout 60;
        file filename acct files 4 size 521000 world-readable stamp;
        flow-server {
            port 5555;
            autonomous-system-type origin;
            aggregation {
            version 8;

Now Junos 9.6 note "## Warning: 'output' is deprecated" and the collected
data seems to be summariesed at network(?) boundaries.

If I activate the new syntax "forwarding-options sampling family inet ..."
I get allways an error:
error: Check-out failed for Traffic sampling control process (/usr/sbin/sampled) without details
error: configuration check-out failed

Has somebody a hint ?

Thanks and regards,

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