[j-nsp] software version to use?

Chris Kawchuk juniperdude at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 10:07:13 EDT 2009

Hi Matthias,

A customer of mine just installed 9.6R1.13 on 2 x J6350's doing  
exactly what you describe (i.e. JunOS in "Routing" (non-secure mode),  
doing a series of eBGP peering and some iBGP, some OSPF area  
stuff, etc...) Works great - no issues.

9.6 Offers the possibility of doing mixed "flow-mode" and "packet- 
mode" based on protocol, filter, or interfaces; meaning you can take  
advantage of the "Security" based flow/services/ALGs etc. on a J,  
while also enabling regular packet-mode throughput for the majority of  
your traffic (thus not running into any scaling limitations in terms  
of the session/flow table).


- Chris.

On 2009-09-16, at 2:23 AM, Matthias Gelbhardt wrote:

> Hi!
> Interesting, they are recommend 9.6R1 für the J-series. Wouldn't  
> that be stupid, as I think Mark is right. Are old versions not so  
> stable on J-series?
> On the other hand, the routers should only do routing and BGP,  
> nothing more, nothing less.
> Matthias
> Benny Sumitro schrieb:

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