[j-nsp] Experience with J series

Gregory Agerba gregory.agerba at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 03:54:28 EDT 2009


I am currently looking after a review for a pair of Juniper J2350.

The purpose is to build a mission-critical Internet access with two ISP (one
on each box running full table) and have a VRRP fault tolerance and with a
small budget. It is not for pushing huge traffic, I expect around 1 to 3
Mbit average and some rare peaks at 8 - 10 Mbit during backup timeframes.

The features I will be using are firewall (< 30 ACLs), BGP, OSPF (both IPv4
and IPv6) and maybe one VPN tunnel + QoS (?).

According to the technical datasheet, this gear supports 1 GB of DRAM and
handle a maximum ~ 300k BGP routes.

I have seen in some lists that these models now can be upgraded to 2 GB of
DRAM with just no issue. Some people report having had successful experience
handling 500k routes with these littles gears.

I am just looking after some experience with them in this kind of
environment. By the way, does this box include any GUI software to maintain
firewall ACLs?


Gregory Agerba

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