[j-nsp] EX Routing Throughput

Felix Schueren felix.schueren at hosteurope.de
Wed Sep 30 02:23:56 EDT 2009

> and also note on the 3200's redundant power supplies is available -
> but the 2nd PS is external
I suppose it's best to just state that "redundant power is not available 
for the 3200" - in my experience, the whole external power supply stuff 
is causing more problems than it's solving.

> around 100mpps for 48 port and 60'ish for the 24port - also utilizing
> the 2x10GE ports will cost around 4 of the copper ports
the 10 GE ports have their own ASICs on both 3200 and 4200 platforms and 
don't impact the performance of any copper ports, IIRC.

> and i believe the 4200 has a separate asic for the GE/SFP module (i
> could be wrong though)
that's correct - on the 3200 (as has been discussed on this list a 
couple weeks back), using the optional 4-port GE SFP module will make 
the last 4 copper ports dual personality (either copper OR fibre), the 
4200 has no such limitation.

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