[j-nsp] PBR to remote router

Clarke Morledge chmorl at wm.edu
Fri Dec 17 15:03:03 EST 2010

Mohan Raut said:

> Dear ALL,
> I need help on configuration of PBR in juniper router.
> However in PBR, right now my requirement is next-hop IP address of remote
> router 3 hops away which will pass through MPLS cloud.

No answers for you, but I am very curious about this, too.

If I understand your question, this type of thing in a Cisco-context on 
their 6500/7600 units requires the use of a "set ip next-hop recursive" 
statement within a route-map stanza.  This forces Cisco to resolve the 
route of the distant "next-hop" in order to determine what the actual 
local next-hop should be.  Without the "recursive" keyword, the forwarding 
path of the packet can not be determined.

I wonder if Junos has a limitation here or a comparable method "under the 
covers" to resolve this issue.

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