[j-nsp] Cisco 7206 replacement

Jonathan Lassoff jof at thejof.com
Mon Dec 27 21:34:42 EST 2010

I guess that would depend on the hardware configuration that you have
in your 7206? What NPE are you using?

Assuming you're using an NPE-G1, which can run a few GigE ports at 1
Mpps, some comparable routers might be:

Juniper J6350 -- A CPU-based router (more inexpensive) that'll route
400 Kpps and connect a decent amount of GigE ports (52 GigE copper,
but probably not full duplex)

Juniper M7i -- A real hardware-based router that'll do 10 GbE / 16
Mpps (half-duplex).

Juniper MX -- A nice mixed Ethernet / IP router that comes in several
configurations, but can support 48 GigE ports and will do 55 Mpps.

Honestly, I would say that an MX would be the best long-term
investment if you're interested in checking out Juniper, want a robust
DOS-hardy edge router, but will also probably be the most expensive of
these suggestions.

Get in contact with an awesome reseller and ask around about who has
the best deals as the "list price" is often way inflated.

Many resellers will give you a good deal if you're checking out
Juniper for the first time, since they usually have way better
products that Cisco but cost a little more. It's easy to get hooked on
well-made routers :p


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