[j-nsp] Cisco 7206 replacement

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Tue Dec 28 03:25:38 EST 2010

On Tuesday, December 28, 2010 10:25:40 am Chris Evans wrote:

> If you are looking for a high performance box to replace
> a 7200 the M of juniper is the closet product match for
> the 7200. Honestly I would recommend the Cisco asr1k
> though.  It can do all of the features you are looking
> for out of the box..   Juniper m series needs an extra
> module to do encryption.   The asr is a better value
> until juniper refreshes the product line and at a lower
> cost.

In all fairness, I'd have to agree.

We currently get better mileage from an ASR1002 compared to 
an M7i.


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