[j-nsp] Tunnel services on the DPCE-R-20GE-2XGE

Mertens, Bart (NSN - BE/Herentals) bart.mertens at nsn.com
Mon Jan 4 06:48:19 EST 2010

HI Tore,

You are not oversubscribing that 'pic'. There is a bandwith of 14ge per
'pic' (per 10x1ge port, or per 1x10ge port).

When you then create a tunnel interface on a pic with 10x1ge port, you
still have more then
Enough capacity to create a 11th phantom port, without loosing capacity
or oversubscribing.
This is also the reason, with a 4x10ge card, that you have to sacrifice
1 physical port.
There is not enough spare bandwith to allocate a phantom port...

Anyway, the explanation I made is definatly valid for 40x1ge and 4x10ge.
With the mixed cards I can't be sure, since I haven't used them yet...

Hope this helps, otherwise let me know.

Best regards
Bart Mertens 

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* Peder Bach

> Yes, we run the 20 x GE with tunnel.
> FPC 0            REV 14               DPCE 20x 1GE R EQ

I'm not sure if that's the same card, the DPCE-R-20GE-2XGE has 2x 10GbE
in addition to 20 x GbE.  I think you might have the DPCE-R-Q-20GE-SFP?

But in any case I think they're likely to work the same.  Thanks for
your reply!

> fpc 0 {
>     pic 1 {
>         tunnel-services {
>             bandwidth 1g;
> Interface will be: ip-0/1/10

Interesting.  So you're still able to use all physical ports (ge-0/1/0
through ge-0/1/9) as before;  you've actually oversubscribed the PFE by

That can't be done on the 10 GbE PFE, enabling tunnel services
deactivates the physical port completely.  :-(

Best regards,
Tore Anderson
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