[j-nsp] vulnerability fix not available for 8.5 ?

Kevin Day toasty at dragondata.com
Fri Jan 8 15:53:35 EST 2010

On Jan 8, 2010, at 2:35 PM, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
> I definitely recall seeing a note about support for FPC non-E's being
> removed in one of the release notes, but I THINK (don't quote me here,
> I'm going by vague memory) it was specifically talking about M20. The
> only gear I still have with 1GE PICs is a couple old M10s, and they  
> seem
> to be working ok (for some definition of ok, where they won't take a
> full table without constantly crapping out even with FEB DRAM  
> upgrades)
> on a FEB non-E running 9.5R3.

On our ancient M20s, each successive version after 9.0 required more  
resources on non-E FPCs. 9.5 still worked with non-E FPCs, but you  
were very limited on what combination of PICs you had on the same FPC.  
On the 8.x series, we could do a GigE, Tunnel, T1, and 4xFE PIC  
together. By the time we hit 9.5, I couldn't get more than two  
different PIC types on the same non-E FPC.

The message when doing the upgrade makes it sound like it won't work  
at all, but it seemed to (as well as any M20 does now), but if you did  
too much mix-and-match on the same FPC, you'd either get some PICs not  
starting up or the FPC would crash as it came up.

-- Kevin

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